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Top 3 Best Steam Flat Iron Review in 2021

Steam flat iron
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As you all know, flat irons has become a necessity in our lives. Hair plays a vital role in human beauty, especially for women.

We cannot live without it. We want straight hair. Sometimes we have to make suitable styles, and this is not possible without hair straighteners.

The intense heat of flat irons can return your hair to its natural moisture, making it dry, damaged, and more prone to hair fall. that is why the steam straighteners come in handy. Steam straightener release steam that increases moisture and prevents the hair from drying out too much. They are much better than traditional flat Irons and ensure healthy and shiny hair to keep your hair silky smooth.

What Is a Steam Hair Straightener?

The word "Steam" obviously gives you an idea of this type of hair straightener's functionality. They are hair straighteners with a vaporizing specialty. It differs from regular straighteners; they come with a built-in hydration system that includes a liquid tank and vents.

Flat Irons & Steam Flat irons 

As most of us already know how a Flat iron device works on hair, here are some comparison tips to help you determine if a Steam iron is right for you. A normal one uses the natural moisture in your hair to straighten it, while a steam iron sprays steam over your hair. So you can see clearly the difference here.

Since the natural moisture in your hair is preserved while using this type of straightener, you can reduce the risk of over-drying. In addition, the moisture they bring to your hair makes it look healthier and shinier.

Like regular straightening irons, these steam irons have plate material modifications such as ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, etc. And they can offer you common features like dual voltage, ionic technology, and floating plates as well.

Benefits of Steam Hair Straightener   

This flat iron's main benefit is that it makes your hair look shiny, soft, and naturally straight.

With a regular device, your hair is mostly flattened between the plates. That is what gives you a refined look. Unfortunately, this can make your hair look bulky and lame.

Alternatively, a steaming Straightener gives your hair light and flowy look. The performance of adding in moisture as you straighten helps keep your hair repair its usual volume and movement. It also keeps your hair soft to the touch, rather than making it fragile as other Straighteners can.

Speed: Another great benefit of these straighteners is that they are designed for quick work. Even having to make additional passes, this device will probably take less time to use overall. If you are looking for something to use regularly for quick styling, this device is the right choice.

frequently asked question
solofish Steam flat iron

Features & Info

  • Automatic Shutoff
  • 6 Level Heat Settings:
  • Steam Level: Medium and High
  • 360°Swivel Cord
  • hair type: All
  • plates: Ceramic
  • fast heats up

Solofish Hair Straightener 

Solofish is Salone grade anti-static flat iron, a steam straightener, and the most famous. Solofish has many features that make it the best and people's choice. This flat Iron comes with 360 degrees rotating long cord. Heat up to 450F in just 15 seconds. Nanoceramics heat flat iron will deliver more anion than regular straighteners flat Iron. 10ml capacity water tank, never need to worry about adding water regularly when in use. Why We Choose Solofish Hair straightener?

The Solofish hair straightener with anti-static technology and titanium protection coating can heat up quickly & make your hair ultra-smooth and silky. The LCD display digital controls on professional hair straighteners make it easy for you to find the right temperature for your hair. Solofish flat iron has 6 heat setting which is start from 300F to 450℉.

Easy to Use Solofish Steam Straightener

  • You need to out the water tank and add clean water to it.( no more than 2/3 of the capacity)
  • Dry the water tank and install it into the host.
  • Press the power button and set the temperature to what you want.
  • When the temperature indicator stops flashing, the straightener gets ready for work.

Steam Levels

Solofish professional steam hair straightener releases hot steam that will enter your hair, eliminate hair static, moisture your hair, and protect hair from high heat damage.

Suggestions: If this steam is not very rich when you use it, please handle it below: 1. Turn the steam knob to a high level; 2. Open and close the hair straightener 5 to 10 times repeatedly.

Heat Setting: The variable heat setting make this Steam hair iron more useful for the customer. It also comes with six heat settings, which makes it best for all types of hair.

Heat Levels:

  1. 300F
  2. 340F
  3. 370F
  4. 410F
  5. 430F
  6. 450F

What temperature is best for My hair?

  • For first-time use or thin and healthy hair, use temp on 300F.
  • For Dyed and dark color, use temp 340F to 370F.
  • For Slightly curled and normal hair, use temp on 410F t0 430F.
  • For thick and curly hair, use the temperature of 450F.
steam flat iron

Warm Tips

  • Read all the details carefully before using
  • Please keep away from water and always keep it dry
  • Wash hair thoroughly before use
  • Close immediately after use
  • We promise that all hair straighteners provided are new and unused.


If you have any problem using a hair straightener, please do not worry and write to us immediately, we will try our best to help you solve this problem.


  • Ceramic Plates 
  • longlisting 
  • High Quality Design
  • there are three Steam Setting
  • you can Manually change the heat for any type hair
  • long wire 


  • it is Single voltage but can use adopter for it.

Features & Info

  • High-Quality Design
  • Dual Voltage
  • Auto shut off
  • Steam Function
  • many Heat Settings
  • Suitable for all hair
  • tourmaline Floating plates
  • Plates Lock
  • led flashing light indicator


DORISILK Steam Professional Straightener

This steam DORISILK Professional Salon flat iron comes with a high-quality design and useful features that make it the best flat iron in 2021. built-in 1-inch ceramic technology, the iron reaches high, consistent Heat reduces frizz and straightens your hair. The floating plate design for fast styling and give smooth and healthy hair. A salon-length swivel cord offers more styling flexibility. Convenient LED Temperature Display Styling flat iron's easy to read the temperature on the LED display. Straighten your hair with Heat up to 450Fahrenheit. Simple two-button controls allow you to increase and decrease the Heat to the level you want.

Steam Technology 

Applying steam technology putting water into the tank on a flat iron. your hair is well protected during hair straightening. Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for Smooth Results Tourmaline ceramic plates for a high-grade snag-free glide and even heating flatter than a traditional iron straightener.

Safety & Temperature Use

Temperature safe lock mode setting stops overheating. For excellent, fragile, damaged hair, use 300-340F degrees. For normal and easy straighten hair, use 360-400F degrees, and for thick, stiff hair, use 420-450F degrees. With a professional ACS heater, fast Warming up, you'll be ready for style in no time. An iron hinge lock allows you to store the lock in position for easy storage.




  • Has Glider Plates 
  • Double Voltage 
  • High Quality Design
  • very Quick straight hair fast
  • auto shut off


  • a little bit hard to use.

Features & Info

  • Customized Temp settings
  • Very fast Heat Up
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Rotating Swivel Cord
  • Auto Shut off
  • Nanoceramic and Tourmaline Tec
  • Steam Function
  • Color Black
  • Brand : Xtava

Xtava Steam Straightener 

The xtava 1-inch Steam Straighteners for hair are designed with nano-ceramic and tourmaline Tech to straighten thick or rough hair without over-drying the follicles. The Xtava steam straightener is designed with floating nano ceramic and tourmaline plates & water dropper, removable water tank for easy refills, and 60-minute auto shut off function,

360-degree swivel long cord, heat resistant with two-year Warranty + money back guaranty

steam & travel friendly

Fill the water tank to activate the steam feature. This steam straightener kit includes a heat-resistant travel case so you can safely store it at home or travel without endangering your style.

Xtava Steam Temperature Use 

Use between 350F for delicate. Use heat between 350 degrees for fragile and normal hair.

 Use temperature 450 degrees for thick n locks to feel the steam activate and continue through the plates' groove. 


  • Has Glider Plates 
  • Dual voltage 110v-220 you can use it in any country
  • Best for all types of hair
  • Water dropper, removable water tank
  • easy to use 


  • some of the Amazon user says that The water reservoir is tiny so you have constantly refill.

Where To Buy Steam Flat Iron?

You Can Buy these three Flat iron from amazon, eBay also Walmart.


After long research, I have selected three good Steam Flat Iron. Everywhere I looked, I read people's opinions on amazon, Walmart. Finally, I decided these three Steam Hair straighteners are better than traditional hair straighteners. Highly Recommended

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