Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron Review

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Flat Iron Review

Whenever someone asks me which flat iron to use for my damaged hair, I often ask them to give Karmin Flat iron a chance. They need special treatment .this model has super high-quality tourmaline plates, which can be used at lower temperatures, reducing less damage.

When you want to find the best hair straightener for your hair type, you must know everything about the Straightener.  The plates, Heat, Voltage, There are many things you can discover when it comes to the Karmin G3 Salon Pro tourmaline hair style.

Using the information below and a variety of other hair straightener reviews, you can determine whether Karmin G3 is the right hair straightener for your needs.

karmin salon pro
Karmin g3 flat iron

Features & Info

  • Variable Control
  • Pure Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plates with Perfect Heat Technology
  • Heat Matt/Carrying Case
  • Ionic field technology
  • Min Temp 120 °C Max Temp 240 °C
  • 360 Degree 3 Meter Swivel Cord
  • Hologram Security Seal
  • Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White
  • long Swivel Cord
  • Manufacturer Warranty 3 Year
    • Product Dimensions: 11 x 1 x 1 inches ; 12 ounces


karmin g3 is a very advanced device that  used to straighten hair۔ This flat iron has been popular in the beauty world for a long time because of its amazing performance. This flat iron does less damage to hair than other machines.  it is not only used for straightener like others but also to curls, flip, and you can use it for making any style. 

This Device has Multiple heat settings heats up in seconds ultra-fast. Get Salon result at home , Make any style in 5 minutes. This hair straightener has Negative Ions and Infrared Heat  Technology (which removes static) for Silky and Glossy Hair.

built in Micro-pore technology (concentrates moisture). It does not damage hair like other flat irons do. This device also has Non-parallel infrared heat for a more intense and long-lasting straight. comes with Four different colors , Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, White.

Multiple Temprature Control of  Karmin G3 

This new Karmin g3 Flat iron has an Adjustable Temperature Setting Start Form 120°C ( 250F) to 240°C (460F) and giving you total control in selecting the right temperature for your hair type. That wide range decreases the chances of hair damage while improving styling results at the same time.

Karmin offers its users many things to love. It has non-slip edges; it has heat technology that allows negative ions to block natural hair oils and fall protection technology.

This straightener will help you make your hair beautiful and safer to use than most other styles on the market. You can set the modeler for a variety of temperatures using the easy-to-use dial. It is ideal for any hair because you can use the low heat not harmful to the ultra-strong heat for coarser & thicker hair.

The Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plates & Heat Technology

This new Karmin flat iron comes with 100% pure tourmaline ceramic floating plates & include Perfect Heat technology. That heat technology has 12 micro sensors that distribute heat evenly and regulate temperature so you can spend less time using heat. As a result, it takes less time to straighten your hair, blocking damage when combing.

Does Karmin G3 has an Auto shut off feature?


I like the safety feature of this straightener it has Automatic "shutdown mode" This flat iron will automatically close after a while when you forget to leave it open for one hour. This feature is great because sometimes it gets too hot and it burns whatever you put on it.

Dual Voltage Capacity

I have noticed that many users complain to their Brand that they have not added the Dual voltage capacity. Women who travel they face the problem that their flat iron does not work with other country voltage because of her single voltage flat iron. that why Karmin g3 loaded with a dual voltage capacity 110v- t0 220v also a travel friendly.

360 Degree 3 Meter Swivel Cord & Warranty

Your new Karmin has a professional 360 ° swivel cord for greater flexibility when combing your hair, designed with an extra-long length to prevent the cord from curling or damage in the process. the length 3 meters you only need to register your straightener on the Karmin web, and they give you the warranty for 3-three years. & a holographic seal that allows users to know that your product is the real deal.


  • Easy to use
  • the floating ceramic plates 
  • Dual voltage 110v-220 you can use it in any country
  • High Quality Design
  • Infrared , ions Technology
  •  auto shutt-off
  • swivel cord
  • Creates Flips & Curls in Seconds, also straightens
  • 3 year warranty 


  • No Digital Display

How To Straight Hair With Karmin G3 Pro Flat Iron?

Where To Buy Karmin G3 Flat Iron?

You can buy the Karmin G3 Flat iron from the amazon, Ebay, walmart, many Others But I also recommend Amazon to the user as on other websites. Because Amazon offers reviews, and even discounts, easy to use interface, and offers fast delivery and shipment to many countries, including the UK, Canada, USA, and many more. With buyer protection and return policy.


75% of users have good opinions about it.Let me tell you one thing that all Flat irons and hair straightener not Created equally. Its a quality hair straightener, and You will be happy with the purchase. Beautiful packaging and love the heat mat/carrying case, perfect for travelling. Heats up quickly and manages temperature- even curls. Auto shut-off, so you don't have to worry that you've left it on. Overall, Best!  Highly recommended