Best Hair Straighteners For Thick Hair

What are the best hair straighteners for thick hair?

In response to a recent question from a reader, "Which is the best flat iron for thick hair?" I decided to share one of my secrets with all of you.

I understand your pain! It can feel impossible to do anything with a full head of thick hair. Each style seems to take hours to complete. Why does it never look like it does on Pinterest?
But it is not a secret. It's just a matter of finding the right straightener for your hair type. Hopefully, this post will be helpful to you.

A quality flat iron hair straightener helps keep thick hair in its proper place and reduces heat damage. Heat protection sprays and balms are also helpful to help protect the hair; however, the quality of the device is most important. Today we talk about thick hair; what are the best flat irons for thick hair?

On the day the flat iron was released to the world of hair and beauty, curly and wavy hair women across the globe were saved. With thick hair, the plate width will also play a role in how effective it is to gain the desired results.

Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair Comparison Chart





  • Materail Nano Titanium 

  • Plate size 1.25 and 1.75 

  • Heat: 450F

  • Ceramic, Titanium

  • Plate size 1.5

  • 280°F to 450°F

  • Titanium

  • 1.75

  • 170°F to 450°F

  • Ceramic,Titanim

  • 1.25"

  • Up to 425°F

  • Tourmaline ceramic

  • Size: 1-Inch

  •  140F to 450F

Babyliss pro
  • Used Straight
  • Size:1-1/4 Inch
  • Color sky blue
  • Brand BaBylissPRO nano
  • Material Titanium
  • avail in three types
  • Product Dimensions ‏: 10 x 1.5 x 7 inches; 1 Pounds

Get perfectly straight hair with the BaBylissPRO straightener. With its technology and quality, you will always wear your looks impeccable.

State-of-the-art technology Its titanium, titanium is best for thick and curly hair and ceramic plates heat up in a short time and smooth in a single pass. In addition, they are practical for delicate and fragile hair, as they help reduce possible damage caused by heat.

Practice at all times: Forget frizz! Its anti-static technology reduces the amount of negatively charged particles and prevents curly hair so that only you define your style.

What we like & Not


  • Lightweight and stylish looking.
  • Great for thick hair, primarily African- American hair.
  • Reduce frizz to the hair.
  • Heats up to 450°F- That’s hot!


  • There is a higher price point, so it may not suit everyone's budget. but it worth
  • Color Black 
  • Brand : Croc
  • Type Corded Electric 
  • Dimensions del Product: 5 x 13 x 2.75 inches; 1 Pounds
  • Cord Rotation : yes
  • Item model number : CROC TNC15 IBB
  • Temp: Adjustable 
  • Voltage : Dual

Crocodile, the new classic flat iron that combines professionalism and luxury. Irons like this provide true professionals with the best experience. In addition to delivering superior performance, this innovative straightener allows heat to penetrate the hair's cortex while protecting its integrity. Get optimal results in less time!

With this lightweight and powerful straightener, you can customize your hair even more. The floating plates move with the hair, creating a smooth glide, and the luxurious thumb grip makes styling more comfortable.

With infrared rays, the Croc Infrared iron achieves rapid penetration of heat to the innermost layers of the hair.
Moreover, we ensure a uniform temperature so sudden temperature changes do not inconvenience the hair.
all these practice means that we see our hair straight, soft, and healthy with fewer passes.

What we like & Not


  • Travel friendly
  • Auto shut off
  • long wire 
  • fully digital system


  • It is not possible to change the temperature setting.
  • Only one color available.
kipozi hair straightener
  • Hair Type: All, Coarse, Wavy, Dry, Thick
  • Size: 1.75in
  • Color: 1black
  • Brand: KIPOZI
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage : Dual
  • Wire: Rotatable
  • Hanging HUk 

The floating plates on this hair straightener are 4.5cm wide. The larger combing surface allows for quicker results and eliminates tangles with little effort.

This hair straightener has a titanium surface that distributes heat evenly. So, you will not have problems with the disorder in certain areas. The result will be smooth and silky hair with a natural shine.

A digital LCD display lets you adjust the temperature. Depending on your hair type, you should adjust the temperature. After several minutes of inactivity, the shutdown is automatically triggered. This feature allows you to set a specific temperature.

It has a very resistant ergonomic handle. It protects you from heat fumes and is very easy to handle. Includes rounded edges for a better finish to the bangs or waves. Also, it has a strong and swiveling 2.5m cord that never tangles.

Temperature: This device reaches a maximum temperature of 230 ° C with automatic shut-off functionality and intelligent temperature control for increased safety.

It has a power of 180 watts. Heat is distributed evenly, so specialists recommend it for keratin treatments and thick hair. It does not matter if your hair is still slightly damp; you can still do it knowing that you will not damage your hair.

The preselected temperature settings configured with the P button are three: 140C for fragile hair, 180C for colored or damaged hair, and 210C for healthy hair.

What we like & Not


  • Automatic shut-off feature.
  • Digital LCD screen.
  • Lead is long.
  • It comes with travel accessories.
  • The price is excellent value.
  • Optimum grip length.


  • People with shorter hair may find it difficult to use the wide plates.
  • Only two options for temperature control.
chi g2 hair straightener
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CHI
  • Material: Ceramic,titanium
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 1 x 0.6 x 3 inches
  • 1.25" Ceramic & Titanium Infused Plates
  • New 'mode' button with preset
  • temperatures
  • 40-second heat-up
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Ceramic and titanium plates are used in this beautiful product. The temperature is already preset, and the new button mode makes it easy to use. A high-speed heating system is also very reliable.

Due to its dual voltage system, it can be used both locally and internationally. You may consider this type to be the best on the market if you like to travel with this hair straightener. Another unique feature of this product is its heating temperature. We can see that it can be heated within the first forty seconds to achieve a styling result as soon as possible.

The product is also durable. It will serve you for a long time. When you spend your money on this product, you will like it; you will use it for a long time.

It is a top-quality product and can be used for a variety of purposes. Using this straightener, you won't need to worry about thick hair anymore.

What we like & Not


  • Dual Voltage for International Travel
  • Titanium Infused Ceramic Plates
  • Quick 40 Second Heat Up  
  • Goes up to 425°F / 218°C


  • found no issue while using, but some users of amazon says that , after 1 year the wire stop wroking.
HSI Ceramic hair straightener
  • Tourmaline ceramic ion plates 
  • Size: 1-Inch
  • high-quality design
  • worldwide dual voltage 110v 220v
  • extra long swivel cord increase flexibility
  • Customized temperature setting, heat 140F to 450F
  • microsensor for quick
  • Brand: HSI
  • Color: Red
  • The value and performance of this iron are outstanding. There is a plain black design and a texture on the top. This is an excellent feature since it ensures safety when using the device, especially if the product has been applied to the hair by hand.

    On the lower portion of the actual device, there are knobs and controls. This makes the straightener less convenient to use, since you must remove it before making any changes.

    The HSI Professional Glider will magically transform your dull, curly hair. Slipping through your locks will leave you stylish and perfectly straight. It comes with a swivel cord and flat iron at a fraction of the cost of other premium hair straighteners, giving you more control when styling.

    Ceramic plates maintain a uniform temperature; This ensures that the hair remains smooth and evenly styled.

    What we like & Not


    • Best for thick and damaged hair 
    • dual voltage 
    • easy to use 
    • long lasting


    • No digital display
    • the plates the straightener are not fully ceramic 

    FAQ ( Frequently Asked  Questions) 

    What should you look for in a thick hair straightener?

    When it comes to straightening thick hair, a wider Plate straightener is a great option for speeding up and improving the results. But, if you're going to be able to curl and wave your hair, you'd better use the 1 "or 1 1/2" flat irons.

    There are straightening irons out there that are designed for hair just like yours! Read on to learn more about how to find the best flat iron for thick hair and some styling tips to be the envy of every woman you come across.

    The best professional straightener for thick hair

    Croc Classic Nano-Titanium straighteners are the perfect choice if you have money to spend on a good pair of straighteners. The nanosilver infusion plates provide effective straightening, even in the case of very thick hair. The plate thickness is 1 1/2 inches. There are also other valuable features, such as 25 heat settings, which optimize the temperature of the flat iron.

    Affordable Price straighteners for thick hair

    On the other hand, if you don't have the money to spend right now on a professional straightener, some cheaper models work for thick hair. The best thing I have found has been the HSI glider. It features tourmaline-coated ceramic plates and a range of heat settings on a convenient LCD screen.

    Read the Above Description or click here to read more about why HSI is the best cheap straightener for thick hair.

    Where to Purchase?

    You can buy these straightener from via given amazon button , you can it also from walmart, shopify or any other online store but as fast service and good user support

    Tips for styling thick hair 

    Even if your hair is thick, there are a few little tricks to help you achieve the results you're after, even with the right tools! Here are a few ideas you can try.

    For a perfect alignment:

    - Choose shampoos and conditioners aimed at thick hair.

    - Make sure your hair is dehydrated before trying to straighten it. Even the slightest bit of moisture can turn your thick hair into a frizzy mess!

    - Do not rush, and don't try to straighten your hair in one sitting. It may seem acceptable to you at first, but a hasty straightening on thick hair is doomed to frizz before even lunchtime!

    Use a soothing gel or spray. Smooth each section sparingly before applying the product.

    Use a comb to portion the hair into half-inch sections, then pin the hair you will not be working on to the top of the head.

    - Start with a lower temperature (around 150 degrees Celsius). Work your way up until you find a fit that straightens a half-inch section in 2-3 passes.

    Working up the neck, make sure that each section is entirely straight before proceeding with the next section.

    Maintain your style using a solid spray.

    To avoid frizz, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush if you touch up your hairstyle during the day. I believe that some efficient, tidy women also keep a mini iron in their purses to iron their clothes between lunches, even though I understand this is not a priority for all.


    These above mentioned straightener is Working same for thick hair ,after testing our team Select  5 five out 10 for you,  pick any one from this and get your desire hair But if you still want my Opinion then buy HSI glider or Croc infrared flat iron these two is my favorite. and highly recommended