Top 3 Andis hair straightener review

Andis hair straightener review

Andis Flat Iron is the best product in the market; that's why every stylist wants it in the toolkit. For the past eight decades, Andis has brought incredible hair straighteners to market. Andis is a famous name in the beauty industry.

A woman who needs a High heating system also needs adjustable, functional design, better quality, and long-lasting flat iron which is cheap. So there is no other name in the market except Andis Flat Iron. Indus Company offers high quality at Cheap rate, Which is not less than several hundred dollars in any other brand.

Is andis a good flat iron brand?

The brand of Andis flat irons is recognized for offering premium quality results with its styling tools for more further than eight decades. Now the brand has proved the range of styling tools that not only gives professional achievements but also prove to be highly recommended for the home users.

If you have very stubborn medium, thick and curly hair that you have to wash with every morning and get dirty, and you always want straight hair backs. This product straightens your hair in minutes !! If you're not one of those women who likes to spend all the time in the dirt with her hair, you need to have a flat iron that can give you instant style. It takes ten minutes to learn, but I can do my medium length hair in about 20 minutes. I just have to do my hair every other day if I want to now. There are many expensive products in the market, but they do not straighten your hair unless you have to iron twice which Causes burn hair But with this flat iron you don't have to worry, it straightens your hair at once. I will stay with the Andis!!! Hopefully, this review will help.


Features & Info

  • beautiful design
  • Negative ions technology.
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology, far-infrared heat
  • heats up to 400F
  • heats up time 30 seconds
  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • Automatic shut off
  • swivel cord
  • Five-year Warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 13.8 x 4.2 inches ; 1.05 pounds


The andis tourmaline ceramic flat iron has all the features for shiny, healthy hair. It has tourmaline crystals installed within the ceramic plates that emit negative ions to prevent frizz. The ceramic plates minimize resistance and deliver far-infrared heat creating deep, long-lasting styles. With adjustable temp settings and with a fast 30-second heat-up, you can be styling any hair at any time. It also has universal dual voltage for travel & automatic shut off feature make it safer to use at home. This flat iron comes with an auto shut off feature it will shut off after some time of Non-use.

Andis is changing the way you Styling

Andis 67385 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is a fully-professional flat iron with many features that make it easy to straighten and style your hair. Its compact design approaches the scalp and hard-to-reach areas. With this flat iron, you can style to the roots creating full styles that other flat irons cannot.

A combination of many features helps you design from the inside.

Tourmaline and Nanoceramic technology generate infrared heat, combing hair from the inside out. This leaves your hair soft with a beautiful shine. These features also help create the styles you love. Crushed from gemstones & tourmaline crystals emit negative ions that quickly seal the cuticle layer of each strand of hair, eliminating frizz for Gives smoother, silkier hair.

Andis 67385 Flat Iron

Ionic tourmaline and nano ceramic technologies that make it fast and comfortable

The 67385 has features that make using iron fast and efficient. With ceramic plates, moisture is preserved in your hair, giving it shine. The diamond ceramic Helps to create smooth and full hairstyles. The plates heat up to 400 degrees and quickly. It takes only 30 seconds for heat up to styling.


  • Tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage
  • High Quality Design
  • 20 Temp Setting
  • Quick heat up
  • 5 year warranty ,log lasting
  • best for all type of hair
  • Creates Flips & Curls in Seconds
  • auto shut off
  •  swivel cord 


  • No Digital Display
  • No Dragon Box
Professional Curved Edge 1

Features & Info

  • Stylish & lightweight
  • Curved plates straighten without leaving dents or lines
  • Perfect for making smooth curls, waves, flips
  • Maximum heat up to 450 degrees for long-lasting styles
  • 20 Extra Heat Setting for all type of hair
  • swivel long cord
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Internation voltage
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 13.8 x 4.2 inches ; 1.34 pounds


Andis Professional Curved Edge (67410 )

As its name shows, this Andis Flat Iron is made for professionals use. It is one of the best options when it comes to professional flat irons.

 main reason for its popularity of Andis Curved Edge is an ultra-high temperature range. Can be heated up to 450F. This range is perfect for thick hair with long length. And 20 extra temp setting for all type hair. Whether you are hair is thin, thick, Normal or natural black it's not the issue this flat iron is best for all type of hair. Otherwise, medium quality plates cannot straighten such texture.

Why i like Andis Professional?

Andis Pro Series 450 Degree Curved Edge Flat Iron. Has Nano-Ceramic 1-Inch and 1 1/2" Inch Plats. This andis hair straightener comes with twenty unique settings for each hair type. Another useful feature is that it has a tangle-free swivel cord. The swivel cord is the active part that rotates 360 degrees. So professionals can quickly move around while using the Andis Flat Iron.

The Dual VOltage Capability

The Dual Voltage capability is very good for those women who travel a lot. Want to say that don't worry about the voltage because this andis flat iron is travel friendly. this Hair Straightener has dual voltage 110v-220v. You can use it anywhere. It will auto shut off when you left for long. This safety feature saves flat iron from burning.


  • light weight 
  • International voltage
  • Auto shut off
  • swivel cord
  • 20 temp controls
  • Best for all type of hair 


  • No Digital Display
  • by user's the shut off time is just 20 minute 
andis 67210

Features & Info

  • Andis is a trusted name in the fashion and beauty industry
  • Adjustable temp setting
  • Heat up to 400F in just 30 seconds
  • Outstanding features prove salon-quality services
  • Heating plates allow flexible Style
  • Extra High-quality heating plates
  • made of ceramic 1.5 Inch Plates
  • Worldwide Dual Voltage
  • Swivel cord
  • 20 extra heat setting makes it best for all type of hair
  • Auto Shut-off


Andis Ceramic Flat Iron  (67210)

This is a classic version of the Andis Company. To be honest, it is very popular in the market among users. And that's because of its good quality. Which makes it popular. People like this flat iron because its price is very low and its extra features.

This Flat iron comes with extra 20 Heat settings Surprise? Yes that true۔ well Now It doesn't matter what kind of hair you have, natural, curly, thick, thin or black Afr.

Temp: Its different temperature setting makes it useful for all hair types۔ heats up to 400F in 30 seconds very fast.

Plates: This Classic Andis has Ceramic 1.5 INCH plats which control moisture within the hair resulting in Silky and Smooth hair.

Cord: hasthe Swivel Long cord Stay safe and design your hair with any angle.

Auto sut off: has an auto shut off features This hair straightener will automatically shut off after a while when you forget to open it. A flat constitution that doesn't have this feature and you forget to keep it open, it gets very hot, which causes it to burn, and the table on which you put it. 

Voltage: Andis flat iron is also a travel friendly that comes with dual voltage capability 110v-220.

Closing Lock: the closing lock it also has a great lock on it to lock it closed to and make it easy to pack in a bag, suitcase


  • Ceramic plates
  • Dual voltage 110v-220
  • High Quality Design
  • 20 temp control
  • 360 rotating cord
  • auto shut off
  • closing lock best for all type hair 


  • No Digital Display

Things Should Be Consider Before Buying A Andis Flat Iron:

You should not rush to buy a ٖflat iron because it will waste not only your money but also it can damage your hair. There are some things to check when buying a flat iron. like size, model, and what is the voltage of this straighter. What is the best? a single voltage or dual voltage etc

Size: The size must be at least 1 inch because if it is less, then it will take more time to straighten the hair.

Temperature: Temperature Option must be adjustable. And When it comes to Andis products! The All versions of Andis Flat iron has Variable temperature control feature. Adjustable temperature controls allow set the desired heat for your hair type.

Ceramic or Titanium which one to choose?

There is no chance for other material to compete with the performance of these two materials.

Ceramic: Ceramic is famous for its intense production and even heats. Ceramic instantly heats up and releases an even amount of heat to flatten hair follicles.

Titanium: Titanium has a reputation for ultra-high conductivity. Being metal, it provides a high-speed transfer of heat from the plates to the follicles. The titanium also makes the plates super smooth. As a result, the straightening plates slide easily through the hair without snagging.

Voltage: You needs a flat iron that has both types of voltage capability 110v-220. Otherwise, Your money will waste; obviously, your hair straightener won't work in a country where a voltage Type is 220v. Or If it takes 220 volts, then it will not work in a country that has 110 voltage current, so it is better that you take a flat iron with double standard voltage 110v-220v.

Auto shut off: Along with all these capabilities, the auto shut off feature is also very important now. Because sometimes you forget it open, in that case, it will turn off automatically. The benefit is! This will keep your flat iron from burning and also the table.

That's why we wrote a review on the best Andis hair straightener. That way, you'll be more familiar with the brand and its products.Which one of the following three flat irons do you like now?

  1. Andis Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch (67385 )

  2. Andis Professional Curved Edge 1 (67410 )

  3. Andis 1-1/2-Inch Ceramic Flat Iron  (67210)


Where To Buy Andis Flat iron or Hair Straightener?

You can purchase the above mentioned Andis Straightener from their official website  Walmart, eBay some other websites, and also Amazon as well. But I suggest Amazon as on other websites. Amazon offers reviews, discounts, informal to use interface, and offers fast delivery and shipment to many countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany etc . with buyer protection and return policy always.


No we know that the Andis Flat Iron comes with the best and highest iron when you are looking for profitable tools. Affordable cost has not compromised quality. Receive high quality features at minimal prices such as ceramic plates, temperature control, automatic shutdown function, etc.

If you are asking for our suggestion, please choose the Andis 67210 Ceramic Flat Iron. It contains excellent features with a dazzling perspective. You will be happy to use this iron.