The Aberlite Beard Straightener


The Aberlite Compact Beard Straightener for Men

Aberlite beard straightener has been created especially for men to prevent damaging your face and scorching your beard with excessive heat. The product is also suitable for those with long or very long hair on their heads. With instant temperature control, it is easy to use without touching the unit. You can use it within seconds to get your perfect look. 

High-Intensity Ceramic Coping: It uses ceramic material that distributes heat evenly without melting the hairs. The high-intensity ceramic design guarantees smooth glide for better results.

Slick Flat Plates: Its stainless steel plates ensure that your hairs stay protected from heat damage. There are many other models available in the market. However, compared to other brands, this is the best one. Some of the other brands contain chemicals that could harm your skin. At the same time, others are too hot to touch. 

Aberlite straighteners provide a smooth and safe temperature-controlled surface for your facial hair. They are also very stylish and will never go out of style.

Heat regulation is one of its strong points. The swivel cord allows you to change the heat settings to suit your face and hair type. In addition, some of the models have up to four heat settings, which means you can get the correct heat.

Aberlite straighteners are interchangeable with any other size, style, or design. They can even be made from a variety of materials. These days they are manufactured from ceramic and tourmaline materials. These materials are combined to provide super cool, ultra-smooth, and ultra-thick beards.

The size of the heating plates is the main feature that makes Abercrombie the best beard straightener in the market. You will need to choose between a smaller ceramic plate and a larger stainless steel plate for your desired heat settings. 

Aberlite Straightener Buying Guide 

 Since there are so many models to choose from, it is always advisable to research before purchasing the best one. It is essential to find out what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. You will also need to know the price, where to buy it, and any return policies. When you purchase an Aberlite straightener, you should be able to get professional help if necessary. the straightener heats up to the right temperature:

  1. Read reviews about it and check the heating plate’s rating.
  2. Do not purchase the highest rated product as you will end up the heating to a high temperature that may cause damage to your facial hair.
  3. Read through the instructions provided with it.

It makes no sense to buy something that may look good but turns out to be faulty. Following these simple guidelines, you will be able to choose a suitable straightening iron.

Some people like the fact that the ceramic coated Plates hold the heat for a more extended period and prevent it from coming off quickly even when pressed against the face. On the other hand, some people prefer to use a brush to straighten their beards. This is because the ceramic coatings will give better heat distribution and a smoother feel. The meeting will also keep the hair from frizzing up while you straighten your locks.

Even though the plates of this straightener can adjust the heat up to a maximum of 360 degrees F, many people prefer shorter beards or longer beards by a bit less heat. Therefore, if you use a flat iron with a shorter beard, you may get faster results. To have a smooth finish, you may even want to apply a little gel to the area to prevent the hair from getting too heated up and damaged.

aberlite beard straightener


Adjustable Heat Settings and use 

The temperature settings on this straightener are variable as well. You have three temperature settings from which to choose. The temperature settings will determine how much hair gets heated during a single use of the device. If you are looking for a smooth finish, you will probably want to select the lowest temperature setting. On the other hand, if you need to straighten very curly or wavy beards, you will probably want to select the highest temperature setting. It is a good idea to take a friend along with you who has a beard of the same length as yours so that you can use the device in a safe setting.

Final verdict

Because it uses ceramic plates, it can also help protect your hair. Some metals can heat up after being used for a long time and cause damage to the hair and scalp. When the straightener plates come into contact with these metals, they form an invisible barrier that protects the hair. This is one reason why Aberlite  are considered to be among the best available on the market.